Membership Websites

Membership Websites


Are you sick of restrictions on other platforms, are you not able to post the content you create?

Here is a cheap alternative that provides you with a full custom website, with personal support, a direct contact that is available to help with all your needs and one manageable monthly payment making tax returns and book keeping easy.


Whats Included?

  • Your own custom .com domain name (subject to availability)
  • Fully custom website with membership management, content management and payments system all built in
  • Social Media integration for all platforms
  • 10gb of storage for your website and its content
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Up to 20 email accounts for you and your staff
  • SSL support via Lets Encrypt
  • Analytics reports for full insight into your sites performance
  • Ad support for additional earning potential
  • Direct Contact Support
  • One payment to you per month making your books easier to manage

Whats Else can we provide?

  • A Merchandise store on your site


What will it look like?

Why not take a look at our example site here with the login information below you can see examples of what your customers will see at paid access members.

login: fulltest
password: fulltest


So how much does this cost?

Our fee is 8%* of the sites earnings to get this incredible offer, including all of the above and much more…

Click below to start your journey to independent content creation:

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    *fee percentage is capped to a maximum amount per calendar month. Percentage can be reduced based on subscriber amounts and by pre-arrangement